Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old Indians Never Ever Die 2

Hi Hope you're well

I’m working with Watermill who’ve made

the new ‘Old Indians Never Ever Die 2’ Documentary.

Over the weekend there were some 400 vintage machines from all over Europe, Australia and the USA. The film takes a look at the people whose lives are so bound up in these amazing machines.

The video is a *trailer for the film Old Indians Never Ever Die 2

*In deze clip komen Mr. Tony Indian Leenes &"

zijn broer Mr."Lucas" Theodole Tjebbe Leenes

ook effe in beeld...


Old indians never ever die is a Documentary about

the Scottish motorcycle rally

that happenend earlier this year

(24-26 July 2009 in Scotland)

Best Jodie

Hi George, glad you enjoy.

There was a film 15 years ago called "Old Indians Never Die"

(do you see what we did there, adding Ever).

It was made by a German film maker and ran

on Sky and Discovery for about 10 years.

The two main characters in the original film

were Chris in Berlin and Al in Scotland.

So we've used them again as the main characters.

Chris (from Berlin) is the guy on the red bike

making the "pretty scary noises".

It was directed by Dave Waters,

Produced by Bertie Miller.

Production Co.Watermill

Best Jodie


I Ride my "Speed Twindian" 1939

Motoring George Spauwen

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