Saturday, May 22, 2010

Accident proves golf carts and motorcycles don't mix
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There are a variety of dangers motorcycle enthusiasts have to look out for while enjoying the not-so-open road such as inattentive drivers, road debris and even large animals in rural areas.

It seems golf carts can officially be added to that list.

According to news reports from Grafton, Illinois a 56 year old man has been charged with improper use of a golf cart which tragically put a biker in the hospital. The accident occurred on Wednesday between Ronald E. Hinote who was behind the electric wheel and Joseph J. Haufe Jr., 58 riding a 1995 Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

It appears Hinote turned into the path of the motorcycle while driving the golf cart on public roads. The collision sent Haufe sliding 20 feet along the road and then airborne for 24 feet.

The rider went airborne after striking a ditch. The motorcycle itself reportedly slid for six feet before stopping. Haufe, who was not wearing a helmet suffered serious injuries and taken to a local hospital.

The driver, Hinote, was charged with improper use of a golf cart on a highway following the accident.

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