Thursday, August 5, 2010

The gloves we always wished we owned
Hammarhead-Gloves-1.jpgSure, these gloves won't protect your hands as well as a set of rainbow-colored GP-Techs, but at least you won't look like a power ranger while you're picking bits of gravel out of your palm. We've always looked at pictures of vintage dirt bike racers and marveled at their amazing gear. Gloves like this probably came from old work gloves, modified to provide a little impact protection with the leather strapping on top. Now, Hammarhead Industries, makers of the Jack Pine, have created an accurate reproduction.

Hammarhead-Gloves-2.jpgMade in the USA from American deer skin, these gloves come in these three different colors and retails for a positively affordable $69. They're the first of series of items Hammarhead is commissioning to complement its vintage-style bikes.

Hammarhead Industries

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