Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Do you feel like we do?

Peter Frampton's 1976 classic, "Do you feel like we do" hit song comes to my mind every time I see dog with it's head out the car window. What is it about this? Is it that they get an adrenaline rush, a free feeling? Is it the same things that drives us to ride? Anyway, I was going down the road the other day, and spotted this dog loving the open road, wind in his face. He had the right idea. I happened to be in my car, wishing I was on my bike. I was jealous of the dog.

This one was classic Kodak moment. I had to have the photo, so I took it. The guy driving the car looked a little disturbed that I was taking a picture of him going down the road, as if I was taking a picture for evidence of something he may have done wrong or something. I blurred him out for integrity sake. Dude driving the red S.U.V., If you see this, you now know why I took your picture.

Hey, do You feel like "He" do? The dog that is.

Mr. Motorcycle

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