Saturday, April 19, 2008

2008 Spring Flood Run

I know I said I don't usually post on weekends, but I'm kinda rained out.
I woke up this moring to rain, and the weather forcasts state 90% to 50% chances of rain showers throughout the day along the St. Croix River areas, which is exactly where the Flood Runners will be riding today.

It will not be a Flood Run day for me like I stated I was going to do today. The weather is not cooperating, and I am a fair weather rider. The ride follows the St. Croix river, which seperates Minnesota, and Wisconsin for the majority of Minnesota. This is precisely, where for the last few days, we have had a wet pattern stall out due to the jet stream remaining far North. It's not pushing the storms through, so they are just kind of stalling out here. Bummer. I'll try to ride a bit today a little closer to home. I've not had much good luck with this run in the past. When I risk bad weather, I hit it. When I stay home due to bad weather, it decides to only tease of it, and I hear some of my buddies say, "you should have come, it was great."

Anyway, it's early in the year still. Plenty of good riding ahead yet.

If I don't post tomorrow, have a good weekend!
Mr. Motorcycle

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