Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Motorcycle Puzzle has whole family puzzled.

When My family and I went to Glacier National Park for a family vacation, I was really bummed out that I did not have my motorcycle with me, as it would have been a beautifull ride. That is another post all together.

We did get a souvineer called scramble squares. It consists of 9 square cardboard puzzle pieces that make a perfect square when assembled together. All 9 pieces are the exact same square shape, just the picture is different. The object is to line up all nine pieces so the pictures all match up. It comes with no photo of it completed, so it is truly mind boggling.

I know it can be done, because we saw it put together at the gift shop. That was the only time it has been together. We've all tried but to no avail.

Of course the puzzle I bought was of motorcycles.

I took a picture below.

It is not together properly in my photo of course.

Everytime we think we got it together, we realize we are off a piece or two.



Anyone interested, should click on the picture to expand it to full size, copy and paste it, and print it out, and cut out the pieces to make your own puzzle. Then try to solve the puzzle. Be prepared to waste some serious time trying, as the hardest most frustrating part is you have no idea where the correct starting pieces are, etc.

If any one does solve the puzzle, PLEASE take a picture, and e-mail it to me. I want proof, and I'll post it on my site. Also I want it for myself so I can cheat and put my own puzzle together.

Good luck!

Mr. Motorcycle

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