Saturday, February 13, 2010

Motorcycle Helmet Cools Riders Brain

Motorcycle Helmet Cools Riders Brain

Helmet Cools
There haven’t been a whole lot of ground breaking developments in motorbike helmet design historically in the past few years, but the new Therm Helm designs to modify that.

After significant head trauma, the brain begins to swell & overheat, which is the primary cause of permanent brain destroy. Typical motorbike helmets function as an insulator in this situation; trapping the heat in & making the situation much worse.

The new Therm Helm contains chemical layers inside the shell that become activated during impact. When the chemicals mix, a chemical reaction creates a cooling effect, cooling the bikers head, therefore preventing swelling & overheating. I have not seen or heard any reports of the effectiveness of this helmet, but the concept is great & I hope it works as well as it sounds.

Article Source: ThermaHelm

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