Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Husqvarna 250CR

1974 Husqvarna 250CR por The Yankee Guido, from huskyclub

Husqvarna 250CR, husqvarna, motocross, motorcycle

1974 was again a milestone year for the leader of motocross competition motorcycles. The "Mag 250" was Husqvarna's ability to market to the public a true "works" caliber motorcycle. The "Mag 250" had an all magnesium engine case, reed valve intake, new swing arm with shocks moved foward, built in silencer on the expansion chamber, + more. This bike is still one of the most sought after AHRMA competition motocross bikes. It is both strikingly beautiful and quite a performer in the Sportsman classes.

Husqvarna 250CR, husqvarna, motocross, motorcycle

This MK series Husky was the first year for the magnesium alloy, reed valve 250 engine. This model was an immediate success in the hands of privateers. Light and powerful, this model was more along the lines of of a true ultimate works motocross model that had been exclusive to 63-68 models. Mag 250 had the shock position on the swing arm moved foward, a newer generation expansion chamber with built in silencer, white plastic fenders, Akront alloy rims, and small front hub.

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