Sunday, May 10, 2009


MARKET motorcycle United States (U.S.) appeared not only in Japan domonasi manufacturer. The Honda motor output duck retro 1950s will again produced by Taiwan companies, SanYang Motors (Sym).

Sym is known in motor matik produce that has been established since 1954, even in the present with the name of PT Sanyang Industri Indonesia.

As quoted from Motorcycle-usa, classic style motor is produced Symba, previously called Wo Wow. An iconic model of the Honda has sold 60 million units worldwide, since the set was released in 1958.

Symba machine berpendingin air 101 cc 4 tak carburettor. With the viscera, the motor has a power of 6.7 hp and torsi 5 lb-ft, which can be dipacu up to 90 km / hr.

To support the drive stability, Symba using this speed level 4, dipersenjatai Suspensi and adjustable telescopic shock.

In order to support klasiknya characteristics, in addition to the brake system still uses Tromol, also available accessories such as baskets dilebur a chrome color to be put on the front of the motor.

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