Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unica Modifica Vespa Motore Italiano

Unica Modifica Vespa Motore Italiano

Milan - Motor Vespa is not to be outdone by the release of the Lamborghini supercar to commemorate 150 years of Italian unification. For this precious moment, the Vespa is ready to give birth to a Vespa PX 150 is legendary with a face that 'more Italian. "

The official website described losing Vespa brand belonging to the Piaggio & Co.. This will give birth again SpA one of the most popular motorcycle that they have this.

It's nothing, because since it was first released was already more than 3,000,000 units of Vespa PX 150 is sold all over the continent.

Now to celebrate the unification of Italy 150 years into the past and the triumph of Vespa PX 150, Vespa was made ​​a special edition of the PX 150 which dibalur aksesn painted white with green, red and white on the wing and the hood side and the logo of the 150th anniversary of Italy ie 1861-2011.

"On the left side. Technical characteristics unchanged, four-speed gearbox on the handlebars is something that 'must' for the fans, the legendary sound and reliability is ensured by a simple machine and steel frame that can not be destroyed with a unique design and style,"explained Vespa in his official website.

For the price, the motor that has begun to be marketed since yesterday was released at a price of 3550 euros, or around Rp 43.6 million. And if you want more style, Vespa is also providing a retro helmet with the same motif. This helmet is sold with a price of 90 euros, or around Rp 1.1 million.

Unica Modifica Vespa Motore Italiano

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