Thursday, April 15, 2010

Modification Motor Tiger With Fairing Aprillia

After the engine installation and adjustment foot-feet, the last step is the body. It basically means that there is no control. But need a little adjustment on the tank and fairing. Often motor 2 cc of water is not cool small block engines, and not as high as 4 motor cooling not air. Because the tank must also be modified. Aprilia tank that originally consisted of two parts: a fuel tank and first tank of condoms should be separate. Then the tank made of plastic material anti-shatter (kayak plastic bucket items broken anti gt lho) hot so that the middle can ditekuk to top. Then tap hole gas must be moved. Modif In this case, I just cannot even tap path should move only. With the way the machine has enough space and heat is no longer dangerous tangki.

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