Sunday, January 31, 2010

I RIDE - This is America This is Biker Culture - Get On * Hold Tight * Shut Up

Back in April of 2009, Daron Ker and Water Buffalo Pictures released I Ride The Movie. The documentary style movie is about the Most Dangerous Biker Band in the World, The Fryed Brothers Band. Harry and Tommy Fryed began their band nearly 3 decades ago. The movie follows their lives on the road showing them at the Easyrider Show, their own anniversary party, RIP's BAD Ride, The Circle of Pride Rally in Conesville, IA, and Sturgis.

Harry, Tommy, and the rest of the band tell their wild and crazy road stories. One of the best is told by Harry. It involves Tommy's legs being run over and a hippy bitch on his back. His animated spirit draws you in. You also see into Harry and Tommy's lives growing up and find out that their older brother Mark is the one that got them interested in riding motorcycles.

Throughout the film you really get a good sense of what the motorcycle lifestyle is really all about for the band and the people involved in their lives.

There are various outtakes of other bikers thoughts of the lifestyle, including the Hessians MC, Ghost Mountain Riders MC, Dave Nicols, Rhett Rotten, Miss Easyrider, and Charlie Brecthal. Pat Simmons, Willie Nelson, & Sonny Barger also make appearances in the flick.

You'll laugh at the Cunnilingus Yodel, sung by Steve "Beatnik" Werner. There is also plenty of Fryed music throughout the movie. You learn how the song I Ride came about. The story will tug at your heart.

I really loved this life look at the Fryed Brothers Band and the motorcycle lifestyle. I recommend this film to anyone who thinks they live or actually do live the biker life. You will laugh and you just might get a tear in your eye. I give I Ride 5 Chrome Stars. I do love those ODBs ya know!!!

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