Monday, December 22, 2008

Bajaj Pulsar 300cc

During a conversion about new bikes in India, my friend was talking about Bajaj, India’s largest and world fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer revolutionary in India. Frankly speaking I am no fan of Bajaj Products I always believe in companies like TVS, Yamaha and Honda when it comes to biking.

Talking about my friend who alerted me about Bajaj’s upcoming release of a new powerful biking which is probably the BAJAJ PULSAR 300CC. At first it was 100CC then 120,150,180,200 and now its 220cc.

So now a 300 cc bike for Indian roads? Are we power drivers? Already Price of fuel is sky rocketing while traffic in parallel increases. Soon I went through a research over internet about Bajaj launching the new 300cc bike to confirm the news.

At last I concluded it is PURELY HOAX. Bajaj has officially not announced any plans to launch 300cc right now in India. So if you come across any news about it then it’s completely one of false gossips.

Above is the picture of Virtual stimulated photography of Pulsar claiming to be 300cc bike from Bajaj.

Lastly guys please don’t offend me I don’t like Bajaj products due to their constant discontinuation of vehicle models. Some of examples are they discontinued Sunny, Chetak, Cub, Super, Wave, Legend, Bravo, Eliminator, Wind 125, Kawasaki 4s Champion, Kawasaki KB 100 RTZ, Boxer and Caliber. No news at all about Blade and Sonic.

Do anyone ever thinked about the customers using the above model vehicles? Are they assured with any availability of Spare parts? So I usually depend on TVS and other companies! Although many companies constantly discontinue vehicles when they are out of fashion but Bajaj has a biggest list.

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