Thursday, March 20, 2008

"The Scotchbrite look by MeanStreet" is what started this post today.

By the way, for any readers who don't already know, a "Scotch-Brite® " is a course pad designed for scuffing parts prior to painting them for good adhesion, used in place of sand paper, usually for hard to reach areas, etc., or also for scrubbing dishes, etc. Being someone who does custom paint, I use Scotch-Brite® scuff pads often. Anyway, to give proper credit: The name "Scotch-brite® " is pattented & from the creators at 3M. They are made with different purposes in mind, I've probably only touched on a few, The scuff pads however, come in varying degrees of abrasiveness. I also know that Scotch-Brite® has a line of many other products.

I was doing my blog reading this morning, and went to I read his post from March 19th" The Scotchbrite Look By MeanStreet. " which is about a scratched up look on aluminum parts. The look is similar to brushed nickel. You should see his site if you want to see a picture of it, and want to read more about Mean Street. MeanStreet is who is producing some of the parts now with this type of "Scotch-Brite®" finish.

I commented on the post on his site, and I cut and pasted it here as follows:

"I don’t believe the idea is very original. Look at how many “brushed nickel, bronze, copper” finishes you see just going to Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, etc., in the faucet areas, and bathroom hardware. The finish is very similar. However, I think it is a great idea to bring it mainstream into the motorcycle world. What a better way to open up one more way to help us make our bikes a little different than everyone elses. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of never having anyone say to me “Hey I know a guy with a bike just like yours!”

Thanks for sharing this with us Cyril.

Mr. Motorcycle. "

Let me know what you think about the finish.
Several others commented about it too on his site. I'm kinda a fan of it myself.

Why do they call them Scotch-Brite®, when they make things dull?
Maybe 3M should change the name to Scotch-Dull.

Mr. Motorcycle

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